Casa Carmen is a restaurant that works every day to be the best, both in service, quality and taste, in addition to music, something so important to eat in a fun atmosphere, or peace.


Eating in the Restaurant, you can even choose to listen, if you are eating the typical food of Spain, perhaps you would like to listen to classical music, or if you taste a delicious grill, perhaps you would like a more lively music. All this, enjoying in Casa Carmen of  best music to eating.


Do not forget that the work team is trained and specialized to meet your whims, so if you want to hear something in particular, you just have to ask the staff, just as they will always be aware that you eat what you want and listen to what you like


Serving in the most complacent and efficient way, is the daily work of all those responsible for Casa Carmen, feel at home taking your whole family to taste the best dishes of Barcelona.


If you are visiting Spain, do not forget to visit one of the best food venues, to make you feel better than at home in a different room.