Welcome to the best restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Casa Carmen located in one of the best Spanish areas, but this does not affect that it is a humble restaurant, simple and of the best quality.

If you are a lover of vegan food, in Casa Carmen you will find one of the most complete vegetarian menus in Spain. In this restaurant not only they are in charge of preparing good food but also that it is healthy. So if your thing is the meat-free meal, Casa Carmen is the ideal restaurant for you.

This team of people are prepared to serve you as you deserve, also has numerous and exquisite dishes, which no other restaurant can offer, that’s why they are the best in quality, variety and good service.

Live a unique, different and creative experience, because these dishes are very original, tasty and inexpensive, if you go to Casa Carmen once, you will go whenever you provoke.

Any day, you can visit Casa Carmen, in a schedule of 12 hours, where you can meet your needs, because nothing more satisfying, than eating what you want, the best of Casa Carmen.

The best place in Barcelona is Casa Carmen, its menu is very varied, different and unique, besides if you know what to order, the experts will help you choose something from the menu according to your personality.